Denise Jacques

28 Gladstone Terrace
Bishop Auckland DL13 4LS
Co Durham
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Denise Jacques


THERAPIES: Advanced Practitioner and Master/ Teacher in Reiki Jin Kei Do; Angelic Reiki; Emotional Freedom Technique and Emotrance; Aromatherapy practitioner; Seichem


Spirited @ Green Heart

I have 16 years experience of energy work and am an Advanced/Master Practitioner and Master/Teacher of the following therapies: Reiki Jin Kei Do; Angelic Reiki; Meridian Energy Therapies; Emotrance; I am also a qualified Aromatherapist who has become increasingly involved with gemstones.
I specialise in Synergistic, combined treatments to maximise therapeutic effect.

I carry out small group or individualised teachings in beautiful, tranquil surroundings and provide home cooked food and refreshments. I also provide Comprehensive manuals and supporting information.
I am a qualified social worker and have an honours degree. I worked for the Probation Service for 19 years and have spent 9 of those teaching before seeking early retirement in April 2011 to focus on my therapies.

Life experiences including bereavement; caring for loved ones with serious illnesses and studying a range of disciplines have given me a deep compassion for and understanding of people and the problems they face whether emotional, spiritual or physical. I have substantial experience of anxiety and stress management. I have grown and used herbs for 25 years and have always been interested in complementary therapies and maximising well being. I could not now imagine my life without the therapies I practice; they have brought me a constant sense of gratitude and well-being along with support in difficult and challenging times. Every therapy I have learned has deepened my connection with and sensitivity to energy. I am passionate both about practising and teaching and work to make each experience special.

Prior to my move in 2012, I held a monthly support/ meditation group for many years which was enjoyed by us all. Now in my beautiful new home, designed especially to maximise the benefits of energy work; I am able to offer this again. I work from home or carry out home visits.

I am a member of the UK Healer Foundation, British Complementary Medicine Association, U.K. Reiki Federation; Reiki Jin Kei Do UK; Angelic Reiki Association and the Federation of Holistic Therapists, being insured through the latter.


A few years ago I was going through a very bad time. A friend of mine suggested that I go and see Denise. I started with having some therapies, then I decided to do my Reiki 1&2 and Angelic Reiki with her and am now completing my EFT Master Practitioner. Denise is an amazing woman and teacher. She is so positive and makes you feel wonderful. She has become a close friend and a mentor. I can honestly say that Denise has changed my life for the good. I am not sure where I would be now if I had not met her.
Helen South Tyneside

I began working with Denise in 2012 because I felt very depressed and stuck in a stale situation. She is a very compassionate, intuitive and humorous person and I felt very safe with her. She helped me overcome my depression and make major changes in my life including starting my own business. I continue to see her because working with energy makes me feel so revitalised and positive.
Cally Gateshead.


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