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Welcome to my page!

'Kinesiology' is a strange word and many people have difficulty in pronouncing it, let alone knowing what it is all about. KIN-EASY-OLOGY [using the response from a client's muscle to assess imbalances and provide energy corrections] is a fascinating therapy which can be applied to practically any health problem, be it physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual. It can even be used to enhance your performance skills [eg music, golf, football, public speaking], remove phobias or allergies, or just give you an 'energy boost' at any time.

It started with Daniel..........

Daniel and LauraI first came across kinesiology when looking for help with my son, who was hyperactive and had eczema on his hands. Kinesiology identified his food allergies and by strictly regulating his diet I was able to make quite a difference. But it wasn't until I started to study HEALTH KINESIOLOGY [HK] that I realised how much more could be done, working powerfully yet gently at such a deep level.

By receiving Health Kinesiology from other students, my own stress levels reduced considerably. I also became aware that doing Health Kinesiology on other people could make an amazing difference to their health, and decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

I have now been practising Health Kinesiology since 2000 and have built a thriving practice at Boston Spa and at the Castle Clinic in Knaresborough. I have lost count of the number of success stories I have had over the years, and the majority of people feel changes right from their very first session. I have had particular success with treating asthma, emotional stress, anger management, digestive problems of all kinds including bloating, allergies and candida, sleep, energy and motivation problems, migraine, women's/men's problems, pain, sports performance, learning difficulties etc., the list is endless! I also seem to have the knack of moving people on spiritually.

I am constantly updating my skills and each HK session is unique, involving energy corrections, magnets, flower essences, crystals, oils, colours, particular thoughts or memories, healing, and much more. Each new course I go on can be incorporated under the HK umbrella, making each person's session especially tailored to their needs.

Teaching others about kinesiology

I have developed my own system of kinesiology called Essential Kinesiology, which uses the awesome power of essential oils inhaled to create major emotional and etheric changes. This I now teach to other qualified kinesiology practitioners in my regular Assimilation Workshops.

I have such a passion for kinesiology that I have also started to teach beginners' courses for people who just want to find out what all this 'muscle testing' is about, and whether they can do it for themselves [they always can!]. My beginners' course is also suitable for practitioners of other therapies who want to add another skill to their repertoire.

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Client testimonial:

I went along in April 2007 for what I thought was a food allergy test, but this turned out to be a lot more. I was introduced to Health Kinesiology. My problems were headaches, skin rash [Lichen Planus], joint pains and bloating, to name but a few. Janice identified several allergies and advised me to avoid these substances to hopefully reduce my symptoms. BUT, the wonderful thing about kinesiology is that with a bit of work you can be healed of these allergies, as I have proved.

From my first session I saw a dramatic decrease in my headaches, and a big improvement in my skin rash, which I have suffered with for 20 years. Six months on, my skin is practically clear and I feel I have got to the root of the problem, which in some cases is not just a food allergy, but can be emotional things you are hanging on to and storing in your body cells. I have also attended Janice's workshop for Kinesiology for Beginners where I have learnt how to do some self-testing and lots more, so I can also help my friends and family. I find Health Kinesiology absolutely amazing and it has changed my life and I know it will continue to.
Mrs J.B.

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Phone: 01937 845 557 or 0777 601 6691 or Email: nrgtransformation@hotmail.com

Web site: www.test4allergies.co.uk