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Shon East therapist


THERAPIES / CLASSES I OFFER: Zimbate Level 1 & 2 , Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki at all levels, Basic Level Quantum Touch, NLP sessions, Manifestation Acceleration Technique (MAT) Initiation to Apprentice Level to the Sacred Order of Merlin, Zimbate, Angelic Reiki & Reiki Healing Sessions, Regular Spiritual Group Shares & Meditation Groups, Teacher of Munay Ki Initiations.



I work from home in Welwyn Garden City which has good rail links in and out of London and the south east. There are hotels within close proximity. I am willing to work anywhere within Hertfordshire in either private residences or local healing centres.

Hello Friends,

My name seems a bit of a mouthful so I am known as Shon by my friends.

I am Malaysian in origin and have lived in the UK since 1969. I followed a career in Nursing since my arrival in UK , I specialised in Mental Health and progressed to a managerial level. I left Nursing to pursue my personal and spiritual development.

I have been a Usui Reiki Master for the past 14 years, teaching in England and abroad. I also hold the Masters in Angelic Reiki, Original Japanese Usui Reiki, Reiki Karuna, Seichem Usui Rhoyo & The Egyptian Cartouche. I am also a Sorcerer & Alchemist in the Sacred Order of Merlin.

My extensive spiritual journey has also included in my learning various other healing techniques & modalities, such as NLP, Quantum Touch, EFT, Past Life Regression, The Silva Method, The Melchizedek Method, The EMF Balancing Technique, Manifestation Acceleration Technique (MAT), Crystal Reiki, Indian Head Massage. I further worked on my spiritual growth by learning Shamballa, The Golden Heart Merkabah, Awakening Your Lightbody, The Healing Code and various meditation techniques.


Thank you so much for holding the Zimbate workshop Shon, it was truly an amazing experience, the purity and strength of Zimbate is beautiful. I feel more connected to myself now than I have ever felt in my life after an emotionally rocky year of feeling like a lost soul. I finally feel balanced and grounded.
You are an inspiration. Thank you.
Alicia Hart Welwyn Garden City

“I have known Shon for over six years and have received Reiki healing from her, which I found to be very powerful. However, the Angelic Reiki Healing was the most profound and uplifting experience I have ever received. The effects of it lasted for weeks. Truly amazing!.”
Caralyn Robinson Welwyn Garden City

I would like to thank Shon for the day, and as always, teaching with the purest of heart. It was an incredible day and the energy was so strong but all encompassing and loving. I really feel that I made the connection to Source and felt very honoured and filled with gratitude. Although Zimbate in itself is simple, there were variations and we had plenty of practice throughout the day, so we knew at the end of the day how to use Zimbate, which was comforting .
Linda Essam Colchester


As well as carrying out my spiritual work from home I work part time with children with hearing impairment in a local school.

I look forward to hearing from you and answering any of your questions.


Phone: 01707 329901 or Email: