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Angela Arnold 
89 Sea View Road, 
Poole, Dorset 
BH12 3LR 

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Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Spinal Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Indian Face Massage, Metamorphic Technique, Angelic Multidimensional Master Teacher, Tuina Massage



I started my spiritual development back in the late 90's by taking my Reiki 1 but did not take it too far at that point. I came to alternative therapies due to health issues and was helped by an amazing man named Rex Johnson, I will be eternally grateful to him for the help he gave me at that time and for helping me to find my true path.

It took me a while to actually start walking that path but once I got focused I have not looked back and spend a lot of time helping others to find their direction and to help them with things along the way. I teach Reiki as I truly believe that it is the way to get a solid connection with self, everyone has their own way for connecting but mine is Reiki.

On my path I took up reading the Tarot for a while but now spend more time reading Angel cards. I have taken many workshops over the years including obtaining a diploma in Past Life Regression, I no longer actually offer that as one of my therapies but I must say that the deep healing that is obtainable from this wonderful therapy is truly amazing.

I have also spent time, although not taken a workshop, in studying The Journey by Brandon Bays, again, this is truly inspirational and I have worked with close friends with this and have found the results amazing. I hope this gives you an insight into the depth of the healing that I practise.


"...... I just love going to Angie for my monthly top-up of various therapies as she gives so much of knowledge, love and support which is a total healing package, for whatever life has thrown at us..she's extremely good at what she does ! Babs, Dorset

I'm often down in Dorset visiting from Norfolk and really enjoy my Reiki sessions with Angie, this 74 year old is known for her chatter..but Angie sends me on a calm journey resulting in sleep ! I have become disillusioned with the NHS but Angie is teaching me so much about myself, I have great faith in her ! Eternally grateful, Pam – Norfolk

Angela radiates such a kind and calming energy, before during and after every treatment. I have been seeing Angela for Reiki healing, during a time of grief and find Reiki to be very calming, balancing and of great benefit. Joanne Holdcroft, Dorset.....".

My other therapies are all very involved in their own ways and I like to think that I have a very varied selection! My latest addition of Spinal Reflexology has actually given me more that I could have hoped for, it seemed at the outset that for the first time I would have a therapy which was just purely physical but as I have worked with it I have been amazed by the transformation it is giving my clients, not only in the healing sense but in a spiritual sense too.

A combination of therapies:

I work with my intuition with all the therapies that I have learned as I trust in the power of the Universe, the Angels, the Galactic beings & Ascended Masters and feel very humbled by this. It is just the beginning for me of a very long journey and it is one of which I am very excited about, it has amplified my healing and I am overjoyed to feel love and to be able to spread love from these beautiful, peaceful beings. All of my healing is now centred around the heart centre and the power of love. This had been magnified since my connection to Multidimensional Angelic Reiki, which has taken me to a new level with all of my work.


"....... Learning Angelic Reiki with Angela has been a life changing experience . I feel completely connected to source and found the whole thing awesome. I now know who I am, where I have been and where I am going. My spiritual journey as an earth being and lightworker has begun in earnest. Many thanks and Angel blessings to Angela. Valerie – Isle of Wight

I have known Angela Arnold for over 17 years and would say to any individual wanting to experience healing therapies, that you will find no-one more genuine, spiritual, caring and dedicated to therapy work than she.

Angela has undergone intensive training to help broaden her knowledge and skill, and in doing so, has helped many different people throughout her journey from all walks of life. Samantha Heggi, Aylesbury Bucks ...... "

I look forward to hearing from you whether it be for relaxation or deep healing together with spiritual guidance on your path through life. I am only a thought away.


Phone: 01202 770603
Mobile: 07800 762659 
Web site: and angelaarnold