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David Hignett

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Phone: 01226 75446


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); Hypnotherapy; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); supported by Findhorn Flower Essences and incorporating principles of Quantum Touch.


Welcome to my web page,

And thank you for visiting. I hope to offer you what you are seeking. Please feel free to call me for a telephone consultation – for which I promise there is no charge! I know myself that life can be difficult and we all need a hand sometimes.

I believe in people and that they have it within themselves to help and heal themselves and maintain contentment and wellbeing: they just need the right tools and support to do it. And my journey of discovery to find the very best tools to help myself and others has been exciting and joyful – even on the uphill parts. And it continues.

The journey started as a Social Worker, of which I have more than thirty years experience: with adults and children and families; with those who have physical or mental or emotional issues that have got in the way of their fulfilment; with those who have suffered trauma.

I do not accept that people need unending years in therapy experiencing pain over and over again; and I do not accept the dire medical news that, “you'll just have to live with it………”

I have now proved to myself - and others - the truth of my beliefs. I'm not going to detail here all the features of how the therapies can work for you – although I am happy to tell you - because I expect it is results that interest you. I work from my home; or I am happy to come to you.

Here are a couple of brief testimonials I am especially fond of:

John – “I've got it all now. I don't need to come to see you again.” 
Joanne – “You have such talent as will touch many.”

Do call me – while you are thinking of it – or email me if you prefer: 01226 754461 – or .

Talk to you soon,


Phone: 01226 754461