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1. Affiliated Schools
2. Healer Foundation diploma in Healing


The Healer Foundation Affiliated Schools

We endorse and offer support and affiliation to members who are teaching and expanding the efficacy and quality of complementary & energy medicine. 

The following is a list of registered affiliated schools, with links to their concepts and the modalities taught. The listed schools are registered with and their work is endorsed by the BCMA - British Complementary Medicine Association.

  1. Hutton Holistic Therapies
    More details here 
    Proprietor: Lynn Marshall 
    Email: Tel: 07851 570447
  2. The Yorkshire Mind & Body Centre
    More details here 
    Proprietor: Norma Bingley 
    Email: Tel: 01977 648066
  3. The Healing Touch - Quantum Breath Energy Healing
    More details here 
    Proprietor: Di Wilson B.Ed; M.Ed;
    Email: Tel: 01723 871437 / 07941 196890 
  4. Wellness Now Centre, Worcester
    More details here 
    Proprietor: Kay Zega
    Email: Tel: 01905 26002
  5. Crystal and Energy Healing School
    More details here
    Proprietor: Deb Hextall BSc (Hons), MVHF, BCMA Reg, Dip Stress Management Training
    Email: Tel: 07884 313127
  6. Transformation Touch Training
    More details here.
    Proprietor: Diana Tyson Cert Ed; QTLS; ITEC; VTCT 
    Tel: 07951 506407
  7. Potential Training
    More details here
    Proprietor: Dr Alweena Awan PhD; B.Ed. honours; KFRP; Associate DPA; Teacher; Lecturer 
    Web: and
    Tel: 01535 275851/ 07751 529731
  8. Gentle Birth Method Academy
    More details here 
    Proprietor: Dr. Gowri Motha 
    Email: gowrimotha@gentlebirthmethod. com 
    Tel: 0208 530 1146

Diploma in Healing with The Healer Foundation

A course of study over 2 years that includes the very best in energy medicine teaching. 
A unique programme of learning that provides opportunity for professional development and personal growth with a programme that is varied, inspiring and perceptively guided from professional well respected and experienced tutors.

Details from Di Wilson or Rena Guttridge