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11th August 2017 (Friday) and 11th November (Saturday) 2017

The 5 Awakenings Sequence ‘How To' class

This constructive one day class covers all of the healing aspects and practice of The 5 Awakenings Sequence.

Offering a therapeutic programme, the class is suitable for all levels of professional or recreational needs.

The Sequence is especially applicable for those working in child support professions: foster care; teaching; child support groups and charities.

There is an ongoing teacher tutorial programme in place for professionals who wish to teach their own classes.

The class programme includes:

  • Background, history and development of the sequence
  • Introduction to the faculty and healing potential of the energy body
  • Principles and function of energy centres utilised in the Sequence
  • Overview of up to date Energy Medicine concepts and modalities
  • The 5 Awakenings Sequence procedure and applications
  • Case studies and testimonials Integrating the sequence successfully into applicable professional work
  • The day class includes a comprehensive ‘How To' guide book; Colour templates; Attendance certificate and CPD

Classes hosted by Rena are held in Ripponden, West Yorkshire, UK.

For registration details:
Email : or Tel: 01422 825772

Course Fee: £75

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